Let me be Your Personal Trainer Every Day!
Let's Trained Together!
-> Available 24/7 with my New ¨Dixon Fitness App¨ 
-> Available for All Smartphone (Apple or Android)
-> Personal Dashboard 
-> Monthly New Programs
-> Nutrition modul
-> Monthly New Meal Plans
-> VIP Consultation
-> Every Months
-> Value : Priceless $$$$$ !
Here what you'll Get!
-> All Available on my New ¨Dixon Fitness¨ Mobile App
(Available on Apple or Android)
-> New Workout Program Every Months
-> All videos showing how to execute each movements
-> New Meal Plan Every Month
-> Personal coaching
-> Personal challenges
-> VIP Consultation
-> Every Months
-> Easy Platform to Use On Apple or Android
-> Members Area With Simple Menu
-> Easy to Use Videos Menu
-> Access From Everywhere at Home or at the Gym
-> All The Tools that You Need to get to the Next Level!
-> Value : Priceless $$$$$ !
It All Starts With Your Personal Dashboard!
A New Workout Plan Every Month Build By Me Samuel Dixon
A Nutrition Planner To Create Your Personal Diet And Track Your Food
With A Cool Progress Graphs
A Personal Body Metrics Progress Tracker
You Even Have An Exercises Calendar
All Available 24/7 From Anywhere With Your Smartphone
"Great Offer! A real Personal Trainer That Will Coach You, Motivate You And Help You Get The Results You're Looking For! Every Day!
Peter Kell
From Sydney, Australia
If You're Looking For A Real Coach That Will Give You New Workout, Meal Plans, Challenges and That Will Follow You For Real Progress! That's The Deal You Need!
Samuel Dixon Fitness - www.samueldixonfitness.com
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