3 Must-Try Toning Exercises With Taliha Paige By Samuel Dixon – UPDATED 2019

Samuel Dixon: What’s going on guys? Direct here, I am in Australia, the other side of the world and I am here today at Muscle Factory Gym with Taliha.

Taliha: Hey guys.

Samuel Dixon: Hey Taliha. She is an athlete here so tell them who you are and what you do and what you train and all that?

Taliha: So I’ve been training seriously for the last 6 months and I am competing my first bikini competition in September.

Samuel Dixon: Bikini, yeah that’s awesome. There is a lot of great athletes here and I’ve noticed she was training hard and she was doing a lot of different exercise which is great, so I am gonna ask you today what are your 3 favorite types of exercises and why?


3 favorite types of exercises

Taliha: So favorite for legs is hip thrust, really feel it in your gluts. I also like isolated [laterasis] as well just to show this is my favorite day and seated [throws] as well for back, it makes you feel really strong.

Samuel Dixon: So that sounds great, but I think I want to see you do them because I don’t know what you are talking about, so let’s get to work.


Hip thrust

Alright. So I will be a performing a hip thrust, no I am not alright. Taliha here will and she will show you exactly what she does when she do hip thrusts. They got these cool machines here that I’ve actually never seen before so yeah, go ahead. Its most important to get that full contraction right on top, get full in, squeeze, inhale, got full stretch, up, contraction, good. And she likes to hold the one second on the tension when she does it because you really feel like your glut is on fire, you get that maximum stretch out of it. But when I do it, no I don’t do it. So you can actually build up your weight, you can add 5, 10 pounds ever set, you really finish off with a strong set of 6 to 8 repetitions to get the maximum contraction. Always feel the gluts, even if it’s kind of exercise that’s finesse, you can add some weight and really focus on getting hypertrophy and grow.. Adding weight is always a good option. If it does hurt in the front part you put a little mat on there and I’ve never seen this monstrous dinosaur machine but it’s actually working out really well. If you don’t have that you can actually use a normal bench and just lay on your back on the bench or different options, that’s good machine. But if not come to Australia and train here with Taliha and


Side lateral

Side lateral, ok? Taliha is gonna perform the movement. Like I mentioned in my tips small finger always, so she is gonna rotate her hand little out like this, then up with the elbow, get a full contraction for the side part right here. Up, squeeze and out. Full stretch, up, there we go. So you can actually see it in the side part right here is being contracted and not the front part because her hands aren’t trying [inaudible] like that. You want to get that full momentum up, exploit up, contraction, resist moving down. Exploit up, especially towards the last repetitions where it gets hard, you need to exploit, here goes the last one, that’s right. And she told me she was gonna go up to a 100 reps so she’s got 91 left so I am just gonna let her do the reps and just cheer for her. Good stuff, excellent.

Alright, [big rolls]. First things first, chest up, shoulders back, bring the [inaudible] back and get a full extension ok? You don’t want actually to bend forward completely to get that full stretch wide, just prevent injuries. If you do have, you do get the maximum stretch, a little bit more stretch out of it but like I said there are a lot of doctors and stuff my friend and they say really a long term effect is not a good thing. So focus on getting straight, getting the full stretch out and getting that full contraction. So why don’t you come from the back right here, to see a little bit from the back, full stretch, up, chest up, squeeze, right there. There we go. One thing, when the elbow brings the movement down, so why don’t you come back on the side here, I am gonna show you this. Her hand needs to be straight up towards the shoulder, so I want you to put your hands a little bit lower towards your belly button right here and then squeeze, right there. If your hands are too high your forearm is gonna be simulated and you are gonna get the pressure off. So if actually your forearm gets tension is not a good thing, just lower down your weight, lower down your grip and pull towards your belly button to get the maximum squeeze. And she does a good work because she does actually one second under tension, but the last 2, 3 repetition you won’t be able to do that. You want to get that maximum contraction, get the full range and get that squeeze that get that last reputation. Good job Taliha.