Best Arm Training by Samuel Dixon – UPDATED 2019

Sam Dixon: Ah man, I’m going to dive in my food in no time.

Speaker 1: But wait up, I think they messed up the plate.

Sam Dixon: What? Yo, I get it now. I’m getting the salad, that’s right, eh? You get the pasta, I get the salad. That’s how it’s going to be. Alright, alright I got it. I’m competing in seven weeks, so this is the kind of food I’m eating right now. Zoom into that, zoom into that. Yeah, there’s nothing to zoom in, right? Exactly. Salad, chicken, reduced carbs, that’s how I roll.


Must be like if it’S your last workout!

But on a serious note, we hit an arm’s workout today, and it was good. I smashed it, because between me and you, when there’s about a few weeks left to a show, every workout counts. You need to get in the gym and say to yourself, “This is the last one.


Super set with triceps and biceps

We started off with doing some Super Sets. Super Set with tricep with bicep. Bicep with tricep. We started off on the incline bench press. We did some close-grip tricep presses. This is a very complex movement because the incline one is already different to catch the upper part, but now we’re doing close-grip to catch the tricep, right? We put in these iron ball grips, grips on the bar to put it heavier, to put the contraction more on the tricep and focus on those forearms also, and get those clean reps.


Slightly inclined bench, dumbbell, hammer-curls

After you wait 20, 30 seconds until you go to the second exercise, the bicep. I started off with a slightly inclined bench, dumbbell, hammer-curls. Gary and me smashed a really big set out of that. We got a good pump. These are compound movements, they love to use to start off the workout. Don’t be scared to switch it up … put inclines, straight bench, all these different angles, the flat-dips everything, it just creates tension, stress on the body, creates confusion therefore equal gains. It’s like an equation, all these set equals gains.


Biceps reverse-grips

After, we did reverse-grips. Basically, I started with a reverse-grip to really focus on the forearm and really get that part turned down, to do reverse-curl with easy bar, really heavy at twelve reps right after hopped on the easy bar straight-curls. I put the iron full fat grips on there also, really to focus on the pump. So, I only have a 25, normally I go two plates of 45 each side, on one curls, obviously because … No, I’m just kidding. That’s a little heavy, eh? I bet you were like, oh this guy’s crazy, but I’m not that crazy … But I did put one 25 that’s it, because the goal is to fatigue the muscle when you do the reverse-curl at that part you want, the forearm, the brachialis. Then switch it up, straight-curl, and focus right on that peak that you’re going to get those tears. Then we hop in another 30 seconds, drop on the seated dips close-grip to focus right on the side of the tricep right here. Tricep right here. Right here. Right on the side, right on the bottom left right here. Boom.


Bicep bomber, the Arnold

Then we did another set. We started off with some straight barbells. I was standing with the bicep curl … bicep bomber, the Arnold … old school. Holds your elbows in place, should get a very good tension right on the peak of the bicep, did those dumbbell curls … normally, I’d go heavier but I went really lighter because … I mean, I was just feeling the tension. The pump was insane, so I was controlling my weight, controlling my body, and I was still leaning over forward to keep the tension on. You see all these curls. I’m going to try to do like a demonstration here. They curl and they go back and they squeeze here, and they go up … Like my arm here is not even straight, so I get more tension right here. You got to keep the tension on, and contract. That’s why I lean over forward to keep the tension on.


Super Set with a reverse easy bar skull-crusher

We Super Set-ted that with a reverse easy bar skull-crusher. So the grip like this, and you do those extensions. It targets more on the upper part of the tricep, different head. We finished off with basically an old isolation movement, the overhead rope extensions with the concentration curls … the Arnold concentration curls, because obviously Arnold, he made that movement up with the Arnold press, with a couple movements. I’m going to try to make a Dixon curl, but I’m going to have to think about that later on, so I’ll let you know.


Good workout. It doesn’t have to last two hours

Yeah, so it was a good workout. It doesn’t have to last two hours. When I prep for a show, especially when my calories are reduced a little bit, considering this right here, a few tomatoes … woo-hoo big energy. I smashed some Super Sets, I keep the intent but an hour I’m out of here. The pump is there, the tears are there, the gains are there, and you get out, prep your meals, do you stuff and that’s it. It’s all about consistency and putting your intensity in the right place, and that’s what I did … that’s what I’m going to do tomorrow, and that’s what I’m going to keep on doing til my show, and that’s how you get results.


I want you to try this workout

I want you to try this workout. Try it, let me know in the comment below how it went. I’m going to keep giving you more exercise, different variations, and we’re going to keep going on that youtube content, so be sure to subscribe on this video and every new video of training. We’re going to have a cooking series coming up. We’re going to have instructional tips. It’s all coming up for you guys to get better. Big season coming up, I’m defending my title in seven weeks. So, you guys want to check that out. Check my social media, Samdixon19 on Instagram and Snap chat. I’m going to snap a few things, maybe my food later on too. I’ll keep you guys posted. Don’t be scared, write me comments. Ask me questions, I’m there. Let’s do it, and the salad is getting cold … even if a salad can’t get cold, I’m going to eat, so I got to go.