How to get rid of water retention before a show by Samuel Dixon – UPDATED 2019

Alright guys, so we are here at the gym hotel, its 2 days before my competition. Done training, done cardio and just started to eat and I am holding lots of water, so what we are gonna do today is we are gonna do little circuit on the machines, get in for just 20 repetitions to get the blood in the muscles, get all the carbs in the muscles and the water slowly coming out. So that’s the plan. So I was really watery this morning so I will just start a little circuit, 5, 6 size and switch upper body and mostly upper body, back, chest, arms, etc., just slowly push out the water. And I am gonna actually do a little bit of sauna after which is not recommended always because at that stage sometimes your body gets depleted and actually you get all shrunken up and your muscles fade off and you can’t put anymore. But for my physics, I hold tons of water, people know me, I am a freakin balloon for water so I can do that. So I am gonna do a little session just to lose that layer of water so I can keep eating cleanly towards the show progressively to just feel out the muscles and get rid of the water. So I am just gonna pump up around and then I am gonna give you another intake on the sauna session I am gonna do later on to keep you posted alright?

Let’s do it.