Best Tricep Finisher by Samuel Dixon – Updated 2019

One extra good exercise to finish up with the triceps!

Samuel Dixon: Here is one extra good exercise to finish up with the triceps, ok? It’s called the pyramid, bilateral, cable, push down, ok? So here we go.


Pyramid, bilateral, cable, push down

So first of all you start with the very low rep. I start with 40 pounds for 5 reps. When you are done add one more, so you are on the 50, then you do 5 more reps and then you go up, up, up 10 pounds every time for 5 reps until you reach that one spot that you can’t do more than 5. So this right now, this is my last one and I can’t do 5, it’s really hard so I am pushing my all, boom. And then what you do is you drop 10 pounds, then you continue for 5, and then you drop 10 pounds again and you drop all the way down until you can’t do no more. So here I am at the last few reps, this is the last one. You rep it, always try stick with your elbows close, get your elbows don’t move. It’s hard, it burns and you feel weak but it’s very good. That’s it and then I just rep it out with 30 pounds. Last few reps, just rep it out, rep it out, feel the burn.