Personal trainer Samuel Dixon

Fitness and wellness icon,
Renowned personal trainer,
2014 & 2015 Musclemania World Champion

Growing up in Gatineau, Quebec, Samuel Dixon’s fondest memories involve his athleticism and participation in various sports. From an early age, he experienced first-hand the direct relationship between sports, fitness and personal satisfaction. He quickly figured out that he wanted to pursue a career in anything that would involve educating the necessity of health and fitness.

He feels very fortunate to come from a driven family. His parents accomplished a lot and he believes that having role models to look up to is a must when it comes to finding your purpose in life. “I always felt supported in whatever I did and that gave me wings to pursue what I love doing and never look back”.

After joining a local gym at the age of 18, he immediately loved the idea of working hard to achieve a goal and constantly improving, (nutrition, training techniques, and strength). “I feel like my efforts produce results that are directly proportional to the intensity of my workout. The feeling of accomplishment is what drives me to do everything I can in order to succeed.”

After gaining a solid 10 pounds of muscle mass in the first couple of months, he decided to compete in what would be the first of many bodybuilding shows. “After the first show, this is where I knew my life would take a turn as I became a passionate fitness competitor, and nothing was going to stop me.”

He was able to train very hard and commit to full-time studies in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa to gain better knowledge about everything health and fitness related. “I was working part time as a personal trainer and I started to work with various types of clients to meet their personal goals, which was another great source of satisfaction.” He immediately knew that helping others was something he was not only capable of doing but also something he enjoyed.

After turning pro in three different organizations, including Ultimate Fitness Events (UFE) and Musclemania®, he finally earned his degree and put all of his energy into building a successful personal training business.

“I’m very fortunate to be able to use my knowledge and experience to help others achieve their personal goals. This satisfaction is what drives me every morning to push myself to the limit, knowing that I have the possibility of having a direct impact on someone’s life.”

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