Best Tricep finisher you need to try By Samuel Dixon – UPDATED 2019

What’s going on guys? Tricep finisher alright?

Here is a very good tip to finish off. One of the exercise I’ve incorporated in my last preparation. So what we are gonna do now is we are gonna do a constant movement of tricep sessions, 2 seconds up, 2 full seconds down. Gets a gradual movement to really get the tricep weakened, after that drop set and then full out, full sets, rep it out until you can’t do no more. Massive pumps. Let’s do it.


That’s it boys. Massive pumps alright?

So [inaudible] swing a little bit because you got to get the rhythm, got to get the full contraction, full pump, to get kill looking triceps. Try this out and let me know in your comments how it went. Let’s go.