Full Leg Workout By Samuel Dixon – UPDATED 2019

Brutal leg workout is a must!

So you like that little intro right? Little intro? Yeah, I am pretty stalked about that. Thank you Mady for that intro, it’s pretty sick. What’s going on guys? Sam Dixon here. We smashed the legs workout on Sunday evening and it was pretty good. I am just so thankful being able to do legs because I was injured from my show in Miami and now it’s going down, huge leg workouts and obviously when you prep for a show and you can’t do legs and you can’t do cardio things are not going as planned. You are not losing weight, you are not feeling like you are actually pushing yourself to the next level, so now turn the page and I am aiming for Vegas, I am gonna win the title again, I am gonna take what’s mine and I am gonna work hard for it so I started off with the brutal leg workout is a must. I am gonna start posting lots of videos on YouTube. This is kind of the first one officially with my little intro which is pretty cool, right, mostly about training techniques, what I do, lots of shit about the fitness industry. There is a lot of bullshit too, I am not gonna lie so I want to expose everything, I want to tell the truth about all the different aspects about the federations, photographers, all the real stuff that’s going down because it’s not really what it seems, but us athletes are always putting that extra effort up there and making it happen without seeing any money over the line, we are not getting paid, that’s right, by, you know, different organizations, whatever. But it’s all good, we are still doing it because we are fucking beasts and we like training. I love training, I’ve been training since I was a kid doing tons of sports and stuff so I just keep doing what I do best but it’s nice to get a knowledge for what you do, so I am just gonna let it out there and start building some YouTube channel and some material to give you guys the right advice and to keep pushing, pushing the limits.


Heavy squats

So let’s go through the leg workouts because it was a brutal one, I did a lot of heavy squats, my knee got better so I was able to go down so let’s go and get some techniques. Always chest out, go down 90 degrees and as you can see all the weight it started to go heavy, I went up to 5 plates, did couple sets, but I was still feeling quite, not as comfortable as I was before. So I just kept the form, focused on the pump and there is no secrets about doing legs. You got to feel the burn, you got to destroy the legs, you got to feel the pain. If there is no pain, there is no leg growth there is for sure. It’s your biggest muscles, you got to suffer, you want to go for that pain rep. The last one, that’s where it’s at.


Closed leg press

So I did, you know, I finished off with some closed leg press, I started doing that. You open up your feet, hold that positon there and it really try to gets the tear drop, so this is one off spec. When you do leg press you can do bunch of different stances, wide feet, put your feet more on top, close leg in, etc., really try to get different aspects of your quads and I know some people say you don’t go down too low, well it depends. If you want to work that quad you want to got quad sweep, you don’t want to go too low because that’s when the gluts are gonna get stimulated, so depending in which aspect of the leg you are working on its all good. Like squats, if you don’t go down to 90 degrees, just 90 degrees and then go up, well don’t tell me I am not going down because I don’t want to go down, I want to work on that quad sweep and for me that’s a big aspects. Everybody knows it, I have a huge ass, like a black, ghetto black or whatever they call that, I mean I got that. I don’t know if its genetics or it grew over the years by doing legs, yeah, I’ve never thought about that but that’s probably the issue. Anyway so at least it’s kinda working. So I need to fucking step it up and do my quad sweep because my ass is too big, it’s as simple as that. So for the shows I am starting not to be symmetrical like a lot of other guys, I won’t tell names in the industry, so you always work on the different angles of your body, work on those small body parts that you need to step up and get symmetrical and that’s it. Get the perfect physic, aim for that perfect esthetic physic and that’s what it’s all about. That’s why I like competing because it focuses on giving your all towards that one day that when you present you package, you know, the overall little trophy that you build, you polish your little statue and you express yourself on stage. Shaking those muscles, shake it off.


Calves workout every 2 days

And so I did some other stuff during my leg workouts. I actually did some stiff leg that lifts, got a stiff leg which was at the back of the leg. I did some leg [grows] with some calf phrases and I actually, I’ve always been, not gifted about calves, but I played basketball when I was a kid so my calves were never an issue, but lately someone told me hey, your calves are little small, and I am like what, what you say, what you say about my calves? So yeah, I got a little reality slap in the face and my calves were getting a little smaller. So what do you do when your body part gets a little smaller? You fucking pound the shit out of it. So every 2 days I start with calves, I got my good buddy who knows tons of shit about working out and I am gonna give a many tricks, he teaches me tons of stuff, so basically 20 minutes before every workout every 2 days. So you got to do it religiously. Like wherever you train, if it’s my popcorn and sit down day, well I am gonna do calves before that so I start off with 20 minutes of intense calves, different techniques just to simulate the hell out of them and they will grow, they are really starting to grow and I will be ready for Vegas, that’s for sure.


Subscribe right now on my YouTube channel

So subscribe to my YouTube because I will be posting plenty of videos. I am going to Australia in a few days too. It’s gonna be awesome. For 10 days I got to shot there a contract and we are gonna shoot, I am gonna film with tons of athletes there. I’ve lined up, we are trying to shoot with Quame who is in Australia, with Sasho, you know, lots of guys that I really enjoy hanging out with so we are gonna see what’s going on in that part of the world and we are gonna bring that Canadian meet over to their gyms. Oh they won’t be ready, they won’t be ready, but I will. Alright. So subscribe right now on my YouTube channel, there is gonna be plenty more coming up. Instagram, Snapchat, samdix819 and we are gonna keep rolling. I mean I am motivated for this year, we are gonna keep doing lots of content and I want to compete again in Vegas this year, I want to win the whole shit so bad. Like the feeling of wining, you know that feeling? Yeah? Well I know what it is and I want to fucking get it back because I love it so I am gonna work my way to it for sure. So stay tuned guys. I am taking my flight tomorrow for Australia and I will keep my Snapchat rolling, so let’s keep in touch.